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SaysWho? book coverHave you ever set a goal—and steps to achieve it—only to find yourself so beset by the challenges, frustrations and routines of daily life that you no longer even try to accomplish it? Why is it that some people consistently utilize more of their potential and realize more of their goals than others? The answers can be found in how they deal with those things that can knock them off their goal.

Says Who? teaches you success strategies and critical thinking skills that will help you stay focused on your goals and confident in your ability to achieve them, despite your circumstances, obstacles, or discouragement from others.

One key to accomplishing your goals will be how well you remain focused on them when you feel your life is in chaos, or when someone casts doubts on your ability to achieve them. When things are not going as planned, you are more susceptible to handing over the power and the control of your goals to a circumstance in your life, or to someone else who may be operating on limited information or limited thinking. These people or obstacles can cause chaos in your life and knock you right off your goal, unless you learn how to deal effectively with them.


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