SaysWho? Goal Setting Study



World Class Coaches® is conducting a Goal Setting Study for Young Adults. The study involves both males and females ranging in age from 18-25. This is a five year study beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2020. Participants may enroll at anytime during the study period and will be monitored for five years from the date of their enrollment.



The purpose of the study is to learn more about the patterns and practices of young adults in the areas of goal setting, goal attainment and the role The Says Who? message plays in the process. Data collected will be used to assist in the production of future Says Who? For Young Adults Works.



There are six - steps to the Study. They are as follows:

  • Step One: Complete Online Enrollment Process
  • Step Two: Complete Online Survey. It will take you about 15-minutes to complete.
  • Step Three: Receive complimentary copy of Says Who? by Johnnie Johnson via US Mail. Book shipped within three to five days of enrollment.
  • Step Four: Read book.
  • Step Five: Identify and record in writing three or more key points, hereafter your "Says Who? Key Points," you took away from the book. Next, record what role you believe your "Says Who? Key Points" could potentially have on your goal setting process and the attainment of your goals, if any, if they were consistently applied to your life? E-mail your response to
  • Step Six: Upon receipt of your "Says Who? Key Point's" response by World Class Coaches®, you will receive an electronic copy of a "Quarterly Young Adult Study Progress Report," via e-mail. For a period of five years beginning the end of the first quarter after your enrollment and at the end of each quarter of the year thereafter for a period of five years, complete the form by the 7th day the month following the end of each quarter of the year and submit it to World Class Coaches®via e-mail at



Your participation does not involve any risks. However, if you have utilized or are currently utilizing a goal setting process which you have found to be beneficial, you are encouraged to maintain that plan.



There may be no direct benefit to you for your participation in this research study. You will receive a complimentary copy of the book Says Who? The potential benefits to you from participation in this study may include a better understanding of a goal-setting process as well as other goal attainment activities outlined in the book. Because as part of the Says Who? approach, we believe there are no "right or wrong" answers to the process of goal-setting and goal attainment, we do not get into telling anyone what to do. Instead our role is to improve the quality of the research in identifying and practicing the basic fundamentals necessary for a more effective goal-setting and goal attainment process. Your participation in this study may further aid our understanding of the Says Who? approach as part of the process.



The focus of the study is to learn more about the goal-setting, and goal attainment patterns and practices of the young adult population between the ages of 18-25 as a whole and not just you individually. Information gathered will only be used in identifying the goal-setting and goal attainment patterns and practices of the targeted young adult population as a whole. The data collected will be communicated as the findings of young adults between the ages of 18-25, and not of anyone person. Any information obtained in connection with this study will remain confidential on an individual basis, as to who supplied what.

Participants should be aware, however, that the study is not being run from a "secure" https server, the kind that are typically used to handle credit card transactions, so there is a small possibility that responses could be viewed by unauthorized third parties (e.g. computer hackers),

Although your information will be held in confidence, participation in this research study may result in a loss of privacy, since persons other than the researchers might view your study records. Unless required by law, only study researchers, members of the researcher's team, and authorized members from World Class Coaches® will have authority to review your study records. Results of the study may be used for research publications, Says Who? For Young Adults future works, or presentations on the subject matter by World Class Coaches® authorized presenters.


Financial Information

Your participation in this study will involve no direct cost to you, nor will you be paid for participating. You will receive a complimentary copy of the book Says Who? by Johnnie Johnson. By participating in this study, you grant World Class Coaches®, its researchers, or anyone authorized by World Class Coaches® all rights to the data collected from you and permission for the researchers to use it in the manner deemed best suited for the purpose of this study. Furthermore, you agree not to receive any form of compensation or rights for the study, now or at any time in the future.


Subjects' Rights

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Once enrolled, you are free to withdraw at any time. You are free to choose not to answer particular survey, or quarterly progress report questions if you do not want to.


Contact Persons

Any questions you may have about this study may be directed to Sandi Cimino at Any questions you may have about this study may be directed to Sandi Cimino at Questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to Questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to



Only adults who are at least 18 years of age may participate in this study

If you are 18 years of age or older, understand the statements above, and freely consent to participate, click on the "I Agree" button to enroll in the study.


I agree to participate in this study.