Our Clients Speak



World Class Coaches® has been incredibly helpful to me both in my professional role as a senior executive at Harden Healthcare, and my personal role as a husband and father, over the past year.

Throughout my professional career I have been provided the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership development seminars and have read many books that teach "the formula" for becoming a great leader. Despite accumulating a vast amount of knowledge, my general and personal leadership style wasn't changing much.

And while not changing or adapting hadn't seemingly hurt my career, it was only once I was introduced to the team at World Class Coaches® that I began to think about leadership in a fundamentally different way than I was previously exposed to. By combining key words, extraordinarily helpful anecdotes and the World Class Coaches® Personal Coaching Program, I've discovered that many of the (known and unknown) obstacles or barriers that I've encountered – in life and in fulfilling my full potential as a leader in business and at home – have begun to melt away

In that process, I've gained a much clearer picture of who I was, who I am now, and who I can ultimately become. By focusing on my personal and professional mission and complementary habits, beliefs, abilities and expectations, and utilizing the various tools and techniques provided by World Class Coaches® , I can honestly say that I feel I am on the road to discovering and fulfilling my full potential as a healthcare executive and husband and father.

I've recommended, and will continue to recommend, World Class Coaches® to a number of my friends and co-workers.


... Benjamin M. Hanson, Chief Admin. and Strategy Officer. Senior Care Centers, LLC



The World Class Coaches® coaching process has:

  • Given me clarity of thought
  • An intense focus of time management and utilization
  • Helped me mature by better managing my emotions through the ups and downs of starting a new business and making a career change/promotion
  • Broadened my perspective by never assuming and never putting others in a box (i.e. labeling them)
  • Given me a near 180 degree swing in my self-talk, to nearly 100% of the time positive
  • Given me the strength and confidence to realize my goals and to understand lofty goals are attainable and that I can be, and will be, significant


... James Scott, Senior Regional Sales & Operations Manager, Dell



World Class Coaches® Coaching Programs not only provide excellent career fundamentals, it also provides personal development that helps a person overcome adversity to best utilize their talents. The company's highly regarded personal and professional coaching processes has added critical building blocks to our student's career development.


...Kenneth Buckley, Cox-Hawkins, Director of Career Management, Hankamer Graduate School of Business, Baylor University



Ron, thanks so much for the encouragement (both now and in the past) you and Johnnie have given me. Synchronicities are always interesting to see, and there is no doubt that my starting down the path of personal growth 8 years ago, and starting down the path of business growth 5 years ago, have contributed immensely to where I am, and where my firm is, today.


...N. West Short | West Short & Associates, P.C., Attorneys and Counselors at Law



With mind awhirl constantly about bettering myself and my business, I was frustrated that I was not actually moving forward. I needed a sounding board and guidance. Then, in walked World Class Coaches®! I am learning to define and execute MY vision, mission and goals. The whirling ideas are taking shape and I am executing at a much higher level. "No man is an island‚" said John Donne - we do not thrive when isolated. Isolation is no longer a concern of mine for I have in World Class Coaches® a very vibrant and attentive partner.


...Bobbi Burke, Broker/Owner, Envoy Real Estate Services, LLC



A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with a mentor/friend about "what to do next in my life." At that time, I was at a decision making crossroads after having founded and grown two businesses that were expected to sell soon. My friend had worked with World Class Coaches® to develop a life plan that allowed him to prepare for a successful career transition. I contacted WCC and was impressed with the methodology they outlined for developing a personal life plan based on my vision, mission, and my strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and Christian values. The methodology has proven to be a valuable guide for decision making as the inevitable twists and turns of life happen. In addition, WCC has been a valuable resource for providing common sense guidance for situations that have arisen in both my personal and business lives. I strongly recommend using WCC for your coaching needs.


...Paul Stone, Past Chairman/CEO, Clearshot Capital Partners



For the past four years, I have greatly benefited from the coaching processes of World Class Coaches®. Their coaching was instrumental in helping me plan and implement a significant career transition. After a thirty-one year career in public accounting, I sold my ownership interest in Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP and became the CEO of St. David's Foundation, a large non- profit organization. World Class Coaches® helped me prepare the CPA firm for my departure, helped the partners choose my successor, and then helped me decide what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life. They brought discipline and insights to the transition process that proved invaluable. All of this occurred over a twenty-two month period of time, which was two months shorter than originally planned. Over two years after my departure from the CPA firm, the firm is doing well, I am having a great time in my new career, and I continue to benefit from the coaching of World Class Coaches®.


...Earl Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, St. David's Foundation



The principles I've learned through World Class Coaches® are simple, pure and powerful. I now understand that my personal and professional growth relies uniquely on consistently cultivating authentic relationships. Over the past several years I have watched those relationships profoundly enrich my business and my life.


...Lonnie Lardner, President, Creative Voltage



... I am swimming in a sea of abundance! I am amazed at what a little vision and mission can do for your life, but I am more amazed at life and its lessons. When your personal life is in great harmony, it is very easy to go out into the world with love in your heart to do your job and business with great joy and happiness and how easy it is to share that peace and understanding with others.

... Thanks again for allowing me to see what my life is supposed to be. ...


...Camille Abbott, Broker Associate at Kuper Sotheby's International Realty



My experience with WCC has been thought provoking, encouraging, and very practical. Johnnie does a great job of helping you understand the concept and importance of properly aligning your professional and personal lifestyle to help you reach that desired outcome. I found this principle to be very helpful while going through the process of transitioning my career into one that high lights my passions as well as using my educational and work experience. I have no reservations about encouraging others to partner with WCC as they pursue their goals whether they be professional or personal.


...L. Troy McHenry, Baylor University MBA '10