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World Class Coaches® Real Estate Economic Stimulus Plan

                                Jump Start Your Business - Stimulate the Economy                                

World Class Coaches® has taken two steps to aid in the stimulation of our economy. First, the corporation has committed to assisting a minimum of 1,000 real estate professionals nationwide in increasing their household income by a minimum of $50,000.00 each between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011*. The attainment of this goal will put a minimum of $50 million dollars back into the economy. It will provide households throughout the nation the opportunity to enhance their standard of living and have access to more disposable income for spending or investing, all of which will go a long way towards stimulating the economy.

The second step the company has taken is to make coaching affordable. The corporation offers a “Jump Start Your Business Program™,” a performance based coaching process offered to real estate professionals who have produced less than 20 closed transactions thus far in 2010. With this program, coaching fees are tied to your success. There’s a one-time registration and processing fee, and thereafter coaching fees are paid when, and only if, you close an escrow. If you fail to close an escrow, there are no fees paid for the program. However, if you are not closing real estate transactions, that lack of production and lack of income affects your standard of living, and it affects the country’s economic climate. World Class Coaches’ objectives for the Jump Start Program are to assist households in increasing their income, while minimizing the risk to real estate professionals operating in today’s nervous economy.

At World Class Coaches®, we believe in the real estate professionals who serve our country. We also believe strongly in our team of executive coaches and The World Class Coaches®’ coaching processes. Together we can each do our part in improving consumer confidence and our economy. If you are a real estate professional who desires to increase your income by $50,000.00 and assist in the recovery of our economy, see “The World Class Coaches® Real Estate Economic Stimulus Commitment,” request a Free Coaching Call. Or you may make the request by calling 1-800-314-7713. At World Class Coaches, “OUR Number One Priority is YOU Achieving Your Goals.”


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* Household income increase calculated from date of enrollment to end of term of coaching agreement.

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