About Us



World Class Coaches® is an international personal, professional and executive coaching company which practices and teaches basic fundamentals as part of its coaching delivery processes. The company coaches across all industry lines.


Our mission is driven by five words: "Serve—Protect—Inspire—Encourage—Empower." We're committed to assisting our customers and clients in meeting their needs and achieving their goals with peace. Our commitment is to provide them the best products and services to serve and protect their entire family throughout their lifetime during periods of transition and change in their lives when they're most vulnerable.


Through strong Affinity Partnerships, the company uses a proactive, logical, economical, and productive approach in developing business relationships with a focus on very specific targeted audiences. At the heart of the plan are customer and client acquisition, satisfaction and retention for our affinity partners and meeting the specific needs and achieving the goals of the audience we serve.


One of the primary objectives of the World Class Coaches® Servant Business Model™ is to be on a constant search in looking for ways to better serve our clients. The company's holistic customized coaching process provides you with the framework to remain focused on practicing the basic fundamental activities to meet your needs or achieve your goals, with the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and "Put yourself in position for success, despite certain circumstances."


Our role at World Class Coaches® is to serve and to coach our customers and clients to serve. The better you serve your customers and clients, the more special blessings come your way.


World Class Coaches® President and CEO, Johnnie Johnson, is an internationally known author, inspirational speaker and peak performance coach. He has personally utilized the company's principles to perform at a world-class level in three different professions, football, real estate, and performance coaching. "I have been coached all my life," Johnson said, "I owe any success I've achieved, first to God, then to my mother and my coaches."