Commitment to Diversity

One of the primary objectives of the World Class Coaches® Servant Business Model™ is to be on a constant search in looking for ways to better serve our clients in a multicultural marketplace. We believe to fully achieve our mission and vision as the premier personal and professional coaching company in the world begins with our support of diversity in the workplace, marketplace, community and the world.

Our work in support of our diversity efforts is never ending. We are holistic in our approach in looking for ways to empower people to use more of their full potential through workforce diversity, multicultural marketing initiatives and strong affinity partnerships across all industries.

At World Class Coaches® , we appreciate and utilize the gifts and talents of our most valued resources, our Independent Coaches. Meeting consumer needs and assisting them in achieving more of their full potential in a diverse world is at the center of the company's mission. Our talented coaching staff is diverse, well-rounded and comes from a wide array of backgrounds.

Through strong affinity partnerships and multicultural initiatives, the company uses a proactive, logical, economical, productive and purposeful approach to marketing and business development. At the heart of the plan are customer and client acquisition, satisfaction, and retention for our affinity partners and meeting the needs and achieving the goals of a diverse workforce, marketplace, community and world. At World Class Coaches®, we recognize our organizational responsibility to the community and to diversity.