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World Class Coaches® Coaching Programs not only provide excellent career fundamentals, it also provides personal development that helps a person overcome adversity to best utilize their talents. The company's highly regarded personal and professional coaching processes has added critical building blocks to our student's career development.

— Kenneth Buckley, Cox-Hawkins, Director of Career Management, Hankamer Graduate School of Business, Baylor University

The World Class Coaches® coaching process has:

  • Given me clarity of thought
  • An intense focus of time management and utilization
  • Helped me mature by better managing my emotions through the ups and downs of starting a new business and making a career change/promotion
  • Broadened my perspective by never assuming and never putting others in a box (i.e. labeling them)
  • Given me a near 180 degree swing in my self-talk, to nearly 100% of the time positive
  • Given me the strength and confidence to realize my goals and to understand lofty goals are attainable and that I can be, and will be, significant

—James Scott, Senior Regional Sales & Operations Manager, Dell

My experience with WCC has been thought provoking, encouraging, and very practical. Johnnie does a great job of helping you understand the concept and importance of properly aligning your professional and personal lifestyle to help you reach that desired outcome.  I found this principle to be very helpful while going through the process of transitioning my career into one that high lights my passions as well as using my educational and work experience. I have no reservations about encouraging others to partner with WCC as they pursue their goals whether they be professional or personal

— L. Troy McHenry, Baylor University MBA '10


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