Personal Coaching Overview


Perform To Your Potential — Achieve Your Goals

Many business professionals today seek to take many different steps to facilitate positive change in their lives. They are like great college athletes seeking to go to the next level in their career. An All-American college football player seeking to make the jump to the National Football League needs to grow personally and professionally. He needs to do so if he's going to successfully achieve his goal of going to the next level in his career. Through a customized coaching process, our mission is to empower each business professional to take the necessary steps to realize their goals. "OUR Number One Priority is YOU Achieving Your Goals."



For years the sports industry has utilized a coaching process to take world class athletes, who are already great at what they do, and use it to enable them to become more effective and productive in their profession. It's a part of the WCC vision to make this coaching process available across all industries and to all sectors of the market place.


Certified Coaches

WCC's coaches are full-time and certified by the company to deliver its coaching programs and processes to its clients. Coaches must serve in either an executive or personal coaching position for training, or be coached or trained by a Certified WCC coach for a minimum of one-year to become certified by the company.



Today, more than ever before, organizations from all sectors of the market place are taking advantage of the benefits of coaching to enhance performance and improve results. WCC's understanding of the true meaning of a coaching process has enabled organizations of all sizes, leadership teams, peak performing executives, up and coming employees, small business owners, independent contractors and entrepreneurs all to benefit from coaching. Our clients' benefits range from a high return on investment to the enhancement of an individual's skill set and effectiveness in driving the performance of an organization for goal attainment. Our clients experience a significant impact on both operational excellence and their bottom line.


Client Evaluation

WCC's clients use a variety of metrics and qualitative factors when evaluating the success of coaching. Those measuring direct financial impact most often track:

  1. Output such as productivity, sales volume or revenue,
  2. Quality improvements, such as improved reliability or reduced deficiencies, or
  3. Cost savings.

Clients tracking financial return, commonly use

  1. Pre-determined agreed upon objectives,
  2. Coach's assessment,
  3. Coachee's ability to handle new responsibilities,
  4. Subjective means of success, or
  5. Other measures agreed by all parties.


Coaching's Greatest Impact For Clients

Our clients give various reasons for their use of coaching. Two of the primary reasons they give for initially engaging in coaching is to improve behavior or increase performance. Although these two variables drove the decision to retain the coaching, when asked where the coaching had the greatest impact for them, they indicated:

  1. Helping highly gifted and talented people perform at a higher level,
  2. The growth and development of highly effective people,
  3. Properly align behavior with desired outcome.



Coaching is a process! We welcome the opportunity to assist you in going to the next level in your career and in your life, and the realization of your vision, mission and goals