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University of Texas Alumni receive a 30% discount on all World Class Coaches® coaching programs.

University of Texas Alumni speak ...

World Class Coaches® has been incredibly helpful to me both in my professional role as a senior executive at Harden Healthcare, and my personal role as a husband and father, over the past year.

Throughout my professional career I have been provided the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership development seminars and have read many books that teach "the formula" for becoming a great leader. Despite accumulating a vast amount of knowledge, my general and personal leadership style wasn't changing much.

And while not changing or adapting hadn’t seemingly hurt my career, it was only once I was introduced to the team at World Class Coaches® that I began to think about leadership in a fundamentally different way than I was previously exposed to. By combining key words, extraordinarily helpful anecdotes and the World Class Coaches® Personal Coaching Program, I’ve discovered that many of the (known and unknown) obstacles or barriers that I’ve encountered – in life and in fulfilling my full potential as a leader in business and at home – have begun to melt away.

In that process, I’ve gained a much clearer picture of who I was, who I am now, and who I can ultimately become. By focusing on my personal and professional mission and complementary habits, beliefs, abilities and expectations, and utilizing the various tools and techniques provided by World Class Coaches®, I can honestly say that I feel I am on the road to discovering and fulfilling my full potential as a healthcare executive and husband and father.

I’ve recommended, and will continue to recommend, World Class Coaches® to a number of my friends and co-workers.

— Benjamin M. Hanson, SVP and General Counsel, Harden Healthcare, LLC

...Through your skillful coaching and guidance, the Austin area for Chicago Title has become the leader in the market for Fidelity National Financial in the three critical measures of our success: market share, net profit margin, and productivity.

The focus that our employees have developed in conducting the activities of our business model has been phenomenal. Not only did you guide us through the identification of pertinent activities, but you also coached us through implementation. The impact of aligning our model with the business model of the real estate professional has put us in a position to become premier in the market and that is a vision I am excited about as we move into 2012 and beyond. ...

— Louis B. Williams, Jr., Austin Area Manager, Chicago Title Insurance Company

As an alumna of the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance, I always thought I would be in the entertainment industry and making my way on the stage. But along the way, I discovered the business world and my life changed directions. With the help of World Class Coaches® I learned about being successful in the business world. I managed to find not only a business coach and mentor, but a friend and fellow Longhorn in Johnnie Johnson who shared that same passion for the University as I did. World Class Coaches® and Johnnie Johnson continue to make a difference in the way I do business and in my success.

Camille Abbott, Bachelor of Fine Arts 1974


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