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Says Who? is a must read, and read again book. If you desire to truly find inner-peace and self confidence in pursuing your personal and professional goals in life, this book is for you. It will teach you how to create success strategies and critical thinking skills to better enable you to remain focused on your goals and confident in ability to achieve them.

... Kat Brooks - The Kat Brooks Team


If you do not want to live a mediocre or average life, this book is for you. There are plenty of family and friends who can tell us why we can't achieve excellence but Says Who? will help anyone use his God given talents to reach height once thought impossible. Do not read it like a novel, use it as a guide.

Nader A. Issa, CLU - Chartered Financial Consultant


I believe Says Who? is a wonderful book and resource for anyone in business. It has tremendous value for anyone interested in creating focus and learning the skills and techniques used to achieve greatness and self-satisfaction in their personal and professional life. One of the most beneficial aspects of the book has been to reinforce my opinion of myself and to further solidify my faith in myself to “stay true to my beliefs.” Personal beliefs, a high self-esteem of one’s self and confidence are some of the most powerful tools anyone has in achieving their vision and greatness. This book will help anyone in finding these inter-personal beliefs.

Bradley Rife, Senior Loan Officer - Hometrust Mortgage


"Says Who?" provided me with the clear focus and direction I needed to overcome daily obstacles I have in the past allowed to knock me off my goals and life journey. Since reading the book, I find myself repeating the words "Says Who?" each time I'm about to allow something or someone to knock me off my goals. Until now I didn't realize how powerful one book and two words ultimately could be. Thank you Johnnie!

Pam Drawbaugh, ABR, GRI - Austin City Living Real Estate


A book like SAYS WHO? is long over due. It is full of common sense steps to better enable you to remain focused on your goals, despite your circumstances. There is something to be realized from every chapter. In a few places I felt you were writing a personal book just to me. THANK YOU.

Dan McGinnis - Phoenix, Arizona


Says Who? is a phenomenal book that puts everything into perspective. It helps you maintain balance and focus in life. The book will encourage you to seek your own passion and help you realize one has limitless boundaries of success to choose from. It was like a light was shining at the end of a tunnel in this life changing book. Thanks Johnnie!

Mary Lynne Gibbs, Team Leader - Keller Williams Realty


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