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Moving Families Initiative®

Moving is difficult for anyone, especially children. Annually, more than10 million children ages 19 and younger move or relocate throughout the United States. Whether the move is local or long distance, the Moving Families Initiative® seeks to assist children in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of changing neighborhoods, schools and friends; and also assist their parents in making the move less stressful for the entire family. When they relocate, it is our overall aim to provide families access to:

  • High quality education
  • Children's extracurricular activities
  • Affordable housing
  • Economic opportunities.

World Class Coaches® has teamed with HSF Affiliates Home ConnectionsSM to provide a "One-Stop Shop" process to further assist parents in gaining access to the Initiative's services when they move or relocate their families via the Moving Families Initiative® Connectivity Platform™.

When you're considering moving or relocating your family, you're encouraged to visit (you will be directed to The Moving Families Initiative® website) or call
1-866-224-8895. This one-stop-shop will enable you to register to gain access to all of the Moving Families Initiative®'s services. Once registered, Home ConnectionsSM will coordinate connecting you with a local Moving Families Initiative® Preferred Real Estate Agent™ in your local area. This Trusted Advisor will assist you in meeting all your real estate needs and in achieving the Initiative's goals.


"Moving or relocating your family can be stressful for anyone, and children can sense when their parents are stressed. One of our Objectives with the Moving Families Initiative® is to reduce stress in parents when they move or relocate their family."

... Johnnie Johnson, President and CEO, World Class Coaches®



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